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sharp fusion studio

At Sharp Fusion, we are the experts in our field, but you are always the expert in yours. Are you ready to sharpen up your brand?

To ensure we are ticking all your boxes, we will create a communication plan to make sure you are in the loop and happy throughout this exciting process. 


We work with you, predominantly online, to ensure you can see exactly how your project plan is developing. 

As well as this, we set meetings with you via skype around when suits you and your lifestyle.

If you need us, we are on hand but we will aim at all times to keep you in the loop via our project management system and through our regular Skype catch ups.


 With our robust process, we won’t get to the point where anyone is chasing one another, we work smartly (and of course sharply) and we work well.

Your Sharp Leaders

Suzy Thrower

Suzy Thrower

Your brand will be brought to life, by creating an identity that is fully conveyed in its look and feel.

Suzy’s vast Design experience, combined with her perfectionist approach and dynamic skill set, will ensure your brand has an edge that sets it apart from others.

Sapphire Sines

Sapphire Sines

From conceptualization right through to your launch, your brand will develop a voice as its identity evolves. Sapphire will sculpt your brand meticulously with you through words, so your audience can clearly understand your mission and values in all written content.