What is ‘Brand’?

 A brand is not just a name and a logo…yes these are very important components of a brand but they are merely the face. The heart and soul of your business/product is what makes it more than just a logo – it makes it a brand!

Your brand is the perception of your product or service…

This is your chance to get people to perceive you the way you would like to be perceived. It’s the powerful mental/emotional association between your product or service and them. So why not make it the best it can be?

So how can you effect people’s perceptions of your brand?

All of our sensual experiences, everything we see, touch, smell, hear or do become associated in our minds with a memory. You want to ensure that you give them a unique experience that sets you apart from similar brands, making your brand the one they will remember!


Association is so important…

Who, what, why; You should always consider the associations that create a sense of who you are, what you’re offering, why people might want what you’re offering.


Make them trust you and believe what you believe!

You know you have a great product or service, but no one else knows this yet. This is why you need to create a ‘Brand Strategy’, to help create the belief that your product or service is something people will really love/like/need/want over your competitors.

So, it’s not just the logo on the product. It’s what the brand marque stands for. What you propose, what you promise, what you envision. Brands are tied to emotions, beliefs, values, attitude. The consumer sees/thinks/experiences these, and mentally/emotionally connects to the brand. That unique mix is the basis for his brand experience. A brand is a way to trigger a psychological response (either instantly or over time after many interactions).

Brand can add huge value to products. Take the example of a store-brand gin. The stronger the audience brand affinity with Hendricks, the larger the price gap will be with the discounted own brand gin.


A clear brand strategy lets you use all the important components of your brand in a focused and purposeful way, so that you can define, and strategically position your business.

What is brand strategy?

It is the intentional creative process which helps define an optimal position for your business/brand strategy to succeed… Where is your brand strategy situated?


So where do I start?

There are 6 steps to the branding process…

 STEP 1: Brand Discovery and Definition Define exactly what your brand is

STEP 2: Brand Positioning & Brand Promise Shaping how customers think and feel about your brand

You need to identify…

  • Who your customers are
  • What benefits they seek
  • What customers currently believe
  • How to best influence their thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Formulate your Brand (value) Proposition
  • From your Brand Proposition comes your Brand Promise

STEP 3: Brand Expression Imagine your brand as a person

A person needs a name, a personality/character, an identity; at this stage we create a brand name and logo, a visual identity, to help customers easily recognise the brand and remember the promise that it delivers

STEP 4: Brand Communication Build awareness of the brand, communicate and express it

Strong and successful brands communicate continuously, and most importantly, consistently! Reinforce your brand promise in people’s minds.

STEP 5: Brand Experience What experience do your customers have with your brand?

What are your customer’s experience, thoughts and feelings, during and after, their customer journey?

STEP 6: Brand Relationships Strong brands stay continuously connected with their audience

They not only connect with, but actually engage their audience. The aim is to create brand affinity, loyalty and the ultimate goal; brand advocacy

So what are you waiting for…it’s time to create your killer brand strategy!