I know you were drawn to this blog post because you read the word irresistible and it immediately made you want to read on. I know this because I purposefully chose that word to catch your eye, to spark curiosity in your mind around what exactly you could do to spice up your content to make it absolutely undeniable to your target audience.




Now the tactic I have used there is all around creating a powerful headline and it’s up there with one of the most important ways to reach your target audience effectively. Be powerful, be assertive, be shocking… If my headline had of been ‘Ways in which you can make your content more engaging for your target audience’ I can guarantee you wouldn’t be reading it right now.

Make Assumptions

To convey your confidence in how much you know about your readers, talk to them like you know them! Be assuming, be personal, and most importantly be personable. Once you have defined what your tone of voice is like you can start to create a personality within that tone of voice and it’s then that the magic happens. People like people, they like an honest voice that echoes throughout a brand. So give the people what they want!


Create a story

We should all know too well that a decision based upon emotion is one that does not always equate logically. Buying shoes that cost £30 but are absolutely hideous but practical, comfortable, and in your price range against the £95 drop-dead gorgeous ones that are going to make you feel a million dollars, are 9/10 going to win! Whilst you are essentially paving the way for people to make decisions based upon emotions, as long as your products and services are ethical and are going to make their life better in some way – you simply need to spell it out to them that they cannot go on without what you do and offer in the lives!

So, create a scenario around what it is that you’re selling as opposed to just simply selling. Make it real, make it personal, and make it tailored to exactly who your target audience is. Rather than just listing all of the features of what do you, increase the emotional desire of why they should use what you do and how it will benefit them directly.



My previous point above where I mention the tone of voice throughout your brand is actually labeled as the brand attributes, it helps to establish the spirit and tone of your business and heightens the qualities that make a brand unique, personal and recognisable. I didn’t label it as ‘brand attribute’ because I am an expert in my field and you are the expert in yours. I don’t feel the need to force upon you specific words or terminology that is in any way going to confuse our communication. I want to help you to understand how to make your content better for your business so you can reach your clients easily. Simples. So, I am going to speak to you in a clear, concise, and understandable manner and I highly recommend you do so too to whom you are talking to. If, for example, you owned a boutique clothing shop where you stocked only children’s clothing, you could tailor your ‘Brand Attributes’ and ‘Tone of Voice’ (jargon which you now understand) to suit your target audience with jargon that is specific to them. But the important message here is not to overwhelm your future clients with words they do not understand, break it down, keep it simple and show them why they need to work with you/buy your products.


The Power Of You

This may seem counterintuitive, but an important general rule of thumb for creating compelling copy to remind yourself of who you are writing to. Whilst it’s important to convey who you are, this copy should not just be about yourself, it should speak to the person reading it. This is the difference between business-centric copy and customer-centric copy. By writing about yourself and how wonderful you are and what you offer is, you lose the interest of your reader.

Transform: At caffeinekick we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the best coffee in the world

To: You deserve to drink the greatest coffee in the world. You deserve to drink it with pride. You deserve caffeinekick

Here you can see the transformation to convey the same message but in a way that puts the future customer at the forefront of the copy. Here is where your reader will truly home in on what you’re writing.


You’re now on your way to becoming a fully-fledged content specialist!

I hope this breakdown of my recent top tips will serve you well and give you a greater insight on how to create content that your target audience can really connect with. Once they’ve connected you’re halfway there to building a rapport with this person and then you’re well on your way to taking on a new client. Please see our top tips on Instagram for a talk through on the above and ways to improve your readability and content throughout your brand. If you are yet to distinguish your target audience you may find this article useful!

Drop us a line here if we can support you by analysing your entire brand, offering an insight into what we think you could do to improve (that’s called brand analysis by the way)…