What does Branding Content mean to you?

For many Branding is defined by the look and feel of a business but as you delve much deeper than what’s on the surface, such as the logo design or the tone of voice you use within your copywriting you can start to distinguish content that will make people feel more and ultimately act upon those emotions.

Content created for purpose is what’s going to give people the ‘feels. It will change the way your business is viewed, perceived, and ultimately, whether it is engaged with. So, if content can be defined as the bridge between you and your customer, does it make you want to create more delicious content with a purpose, value, and meaning?

Where to start?

Firstly, let’s break this bridge down. Let’s start with you… You need to ensure your branding has some clear messaging within everything associated to your brand. Is your logo design conveying what you do clearly? Is your copywriting speaking directly to your target audience? Have you defined who your target audience is, how you can find them, and how to speak to them?


"You can't serve from an empty vessel"


A quote here comes to mind “You can’t serve from an empty vessel” and it poses the question that you need to look inwards and reflect on yourself and what you want and need in line with your core values. This principle is one that can be transferred to support you in creating content that truly reflects your business and just like us as individuals, you can start to serve from your full, embodied, and powerful vessel with clear conviction. For tips on what this quote really means from a personal perspective you can read more on this here, as you can see the clear link between this quote for us on a personal basis and how it’s the same principle within your business!

Your content is out there on a bridge…waiting for your customers to find it!

For any business, it is always a great idea annually or when things quieten down to have a rejig, reposition, and re-launch in some way. Be it for your approach, your products, and services or your process. It’s here that a brand analysis would benefit your business and provide vital insight into how you’re actively trying to reach your target audience.


Reach your target audience!


So, here you could start to assess who your audience is (if they’ve changed), where you’re reaching them, how you’re talking to them, what you’re offering them, why your products are going to benefit their lives and how they can work with you/purchase from you.

Now you’ve taken a delve inwards and you’ve now evaluated your target audience, it’s now time to make sure that information you’re feeding them is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

For a full brand analysis, please reach out to us where we will evaluate your tone of voice throughout all copywriting associated with your business, your brand design, and assess how you are talking to your target audience. We work with you to optimise what you’re offering and offer support on ways in which you could utilise your brand to do so well.

Feel free to drop us a line here if you’d like to chat further!