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Case Study
The cooking experience

The Cooking Experience offers fellow foodies the opportunity to create and eat delicious food, learn a tip or two in the kitchen and to socialise amongst likeminded people (over an obligatory glass of wine).

Founders, Marco and Annie have been running their trusted Cookery School for twenty years and their courses are designed to build confidence in you, to happily host a dinner party, the stress-free, fun and relaxing way.


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Web Design & Development

Creative Process

As this business is already well-established, we first met with Marco and Annie and discussed their driving factors for reaching out to us. As a well-known, successful business it was clear to us that their Marketing needs weren’t solely for a sales purpose.

Based on this, we offered a retouch to the brand to modernise and rejuvenate the look and feel. We also advised utilising their online presence using Facebook and Instagram to really showcase what it is that they do and as part of the re-brand we explained the importance of bringing the website in line with this new look and feel.  

Logo Refresh

As a reputable brand of 20 plus years, we worked carefully to refine this logo rather than re-invent it. We simply modernised, re-touched and sharpened the logo to portray a cleaner look and feel.

Business Cards

As regular net-workers these cards were a necessary printed promotional item. We introduced a new strap line on these too which coincided well for their industry and for potential interested customers. 


Branded Apron Design

Merchandise can be a great way to further promote your services. In this case, they work well as a personalised touch for their clients but also to further promote themselves through social media.

Social Media Strategy

With a new look and feel, new services and a newly launched website, we pushed traffic to the site to reveal the new and improved Cooking Experience!


Content Creation

From blog writing to videography and photography, we have supported The Cooking Experience with our expertise to help them in showcasing their area of expertise.

Website Design and Development

We designed and built the entire look and feel of their re-brand. We made it easy for them to showcase their services and creative flair, whilst also making the customer journey as simple and smooth as possible.

How a re-brand can benefit you

The benefit of a re-brand for any business that has built a reputation over time is huge. Re-launching your brand with a new look and feel can enable you to reach a new demographic, to reclaim your brand identity and ultimately to boost your sales. The world moves FAST. So, your brand needs to move with the times. But, whilst making these changes it is important to keep hold of the brand identity that you have held onto for some time and to think about how you can make small tweaks to what you currently have to make sure your reputable brand isn’t lost in the new design.

Ask yourself: Is the look of my business depicting what we do? Does the tone of voice within my brand represent us as a business? Are you tailoring both of these factors to the type of people you are trying to reach? If you answered no to those questions, it may be time for a retouch of your brand!


Customer Feedback

Marco and Annie were a pleasure to work with throughout and we worked closely with them to make sure it was exactly as they envisaged. Marco said “We are so pleased with the work of Sharp Fusion, our logo cleverly and subtly shows what we do and has a fresh, modern and clean look.

The tone of voice throughout our marketing materials now fully conveys everything Annie and I have built this business on, which is simply: being kind, friendly and approachable! Our business is social, open to anyone and we like to have a bloody good time!

As a result of the guys great work, we are now re-launching our website with them and in the coming months our social media will also be managed by Sharp Fusion which we are really excited about. If you’d like to work with a business who appreciate that Branding isn’t everyone’s forte, who don’t use unnecessary jargon and who price everything up for you within your budget – these guys are for you.”

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