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Case Study 
MB Coaching

MB Coaching is a leading fitness company based in Suffolk and owned by the passionate (former Paratrooper) Mark Bloice. Mark’s military experience has given him a real edge as a PT, his expertise in discipline, fitness and maintaining a positive mindset is really what sets his service apart.


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Web Design & Development

Creative Process

MB Coaching, whilst a new-ish brand, was yet to find its niche in what is a very saturated market and with Mark’s sole focus on building his client base, the brand itself had taken a back seat… Until he found us!

We worked with Mark to understand his key values as a PT to fully work out what we could do to support him in reaching his business goals.

Marks goals were simple, he wanted to build a reputable brand digitally and he wanted to advance his services for his clients, offering a variety of options for people to better their lives, both physically and mentally, in the most efficient way possible.


Brand Analysis

Taking a look at his competitors and pulling together the analysis in a clear and easy to read way, we helped Mark to place himself exactly where he wanted to be within the competitive market of fitness.

Business Cards and Leaflets

Mark’s business cards and leaflets were an important addition to his print collateral. Incorporating his brand, we created some very slick looking business cards with a raised spot UV effect that were perfectly paired with the leaflets.

Email Signature

A simple yet effective way of branding every piece of communication between you and your customers, including your potential ones.


Logo Design

Mark had a logo design in mind, so we worked together to refine it and get it to where he wanted it to be.


Clothing Design

As a personal trainer, your clients are your best advert. We worked with Mark to create a t-shirt design for his clients to wear with pride, whilst also getting the brand exposure he desires.

Website Design and Development

Mark was very keen to get his online offering as slick and professional as possible, so we worked closely with him to create a website design that did just that.

With Mark’s long term goals set to travel the world as an online PT we worked closely with him to re-launch his brand, with a polished identity, including a new look and feel and with online presence. Once Mark’s packages and services were where he wanted them to be, we ensured they featured on the website in the clearest way possible, ensuring the tone of the website fitted in line with his coaching style. We also created promotional materials to ensure his target audience was being met in all instances, as in this case, word of mouth and networking are key to client acquisition.  

Print Marketing

Business cards and leaflets were a basic but vital need for MB Coaching and since they have been printed, all 1000 leaflets have been distributed. The targeting for the leaflets was to companies throughout the town nearby to Marks place of work, with a promotional 20% off discount. As a direct result of these leaflets, 18 people enquired with Mark, claiming something along the lines of ‘I’ve seen a leaflet in reception’. We advised from start to finish on this process and whilst leaflets may seem ‘old skool’ we were pleased to see that they are still such an effective form of marketing and if done right, really will capture your audience.


Promotional items such as the t-shirts have also given Mark an extra marketing push, as his clients now all wear his branded tops, making their time with him feel more inclusive, like they are part of a greater community and for Mark to fully build his brand in the gym he currently works in.

Communication and Timelines

To achieve Marks requirements, we worked directly with him in his preferred communication method of either chatting on the phone or meeting in person. We understand we all have different learning and communication styles, so where possible, we will always work to your favoured method, communication is key, after all!

For the promotional items, we were able to turn these around in less than a month and for the website we allowed for three months but we were so chuffed to go live sooner than this. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mark and whilst he’s kicking people into gear to live healthier and happier lives, we are proud to have kicked his business off the ground.

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