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Case Study 
Marc samuel

Class, simplicity and easy on the eye… A brand that truly reflects it’s product. The luxury, high-end and bespoke Lifestyle Spaces built by Marc Samuel are created with years of experience and tailored to suit your own needs. This brand image was beautifully built between us and the client to truly convey everything that this business believe in. 


Suzy Thrower
Sapph Sines


Brand Creation & Social Media set up

Creative Process

Our initial discussions with Marc Samuel included lots of brainstorming, outlining the clear key messages and coupling this with a audience profiling session. From here we created design concepts to match and just like that, an idea became a business!


Brand Analysis

Here we really nail what your brand is all about, who your customers are or will be and what they’re looking for. We also analyse what your competitors are doing, to ensure your brand is competitively placed against other business. We provided an in-depth analysis for Marc Samuel to strategically place themselves in their market as a niche business in their area to a specific target audience.

Business Cards and Brochures

In a digital world, it is often questioned if the need for printed promotional items is still needed but dependent on your target audience, they are still a reliable source of marketing. In this case where the finished product has a state-of-the-art ‘wow’ factor, printed promotional items were key for our client to showcase themselves during meetings. 

Email Signature

A simple yet effective way of branding every piece of communication between you and your customers, including your potential ones. An email signature is a representation of your brand and that all important email to a potential client should reflect this. 


Logo Design

We worked closely with our client to really understand their vision. The brief here was to create a logo that depicts high end quality. Focusing heavily on luxe we created their navy and gold logo along with a versatile logo icon.

Brand Identity

Using the logo as a base, we created a brand identity for Marc Samuel including image guidance, tone of voice, colour palettes and font use.

Social Media

We launched this page with a targeted campaign to reach the individuals our client wanted to be in front of and we created content that would spark interest in their services. As a service that visually is very appealing, we kept content minimal and images bold and we saw some incredible engagement.

Business Cards & Brochures

Marc Samuel work on a personal basis with their clients, whereby they attend many meetings to understand the bespoke requirements to design a space to suit the individual needs of each project.

To further promote themselves, printed promotional items were a      must-have to attend their meetings with as well as slick business cards.

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