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Case Study 

AB Plumbing and Heating are a reputable, trustworthy and well-known local firm who were keen to refresh their brand entirely with a brand-new logo. Alex, the owner of AB Plumbing and Heating was keen to recreate a look and feel that he’d seen elsewhere. So, we worked diligently with him to  ensure the image he had in his mind was what we were creating in ours and then ensuring we were re-creating this in the brand design.


Suzy Thrower



Creative Process


Logo Design

We worked closely with Alex to fully understand what it was he wanted from his logo. He had a vision in his head and we made it work for him in his logo.

Letterheads and Business Cards

 We created some sleek looking cards,  printed on thick card with a pearl finish to add an extra luxe feel. 

Branded Van Wrap

We helped Alex with the graphics for his van wrap, a very important addition to his marketing materials!

From the logo creation, we advised Alex that to keep his brand consistent throughout we would love to refresh all aspects of his brand. He was excited to go ahead with these suggestions and went ahead with having his van rebranded, business cards created and letterheads for all invoices and enquiries, as well as branded boards to use for outside different projects he had running at the time.


Alex said ‘the benefit of using an eye-catching logo on my van has already been a huge success, locally people are contacting me to say they’ve seen me about and would like to chat about using my services, so I am really pleased that the guys advised me on going down this route. The logo itself took a few adaptations, but the response and service from Suzy was exceptional, she really talked me through in detail what she was envisaging in line with what I was and we created something that I am really proud to use.

For anyone in a similar industry, the power of using resources that you already have, to market yourself is so beneficial. For example, like Alex did, brand your van or a car and have your business in front of everyone whilst you can go about your usual day-to-day. Or invest in t-shirts/polo tops to customise for you and your team and market your brand through your people, wherever you are working.

With each project you are working on too, it is a great way to show people living nearby that:

You’re here to do some work, so please don’t mind us but we have a job to do and we will keep our noise and mess to a minimum… But, hey? Do you have a boiler that needs replacing too? Do you have a problem with your plumbing? Is your heating working ok? Because by popping a board outside every job you do, people know who to contact for all of those things.

For AB Plumbing and Heating, and for similar local tradesmen type businesses we appreciate your goals, we understand your revenue focused targets and for the most, we understand that self-employment can at times be quite stressful with a lot of the onus on you. So, we’ve made our budgets tailored to suit these needs. The branding packages we will offer you will not overwhelm you with marketing jargon, they will simply be suggestions to what we think will brand your business in the best way to reach your target audience. 

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