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MB Coaching - Brand Identity Package

Mark’s goals were simple, he wanted to build a reputable brand digitally and he wanted to advance his services for his clients. By offering a variety of options for people to better their lives, both physically and mentally, in the most efficient way possible. Our job was to convey this in everything he used to promote himself.


The Cooking Experience | Brand Identity Package

As a well established business, in this case, the driving force for working with us wasn’t just to increase sales. It was to completely rejuvenate their brand with a modern twist to their existing look and feel.


Hadleigh Handyman | Brand Creation

When we first met with Simon, he was on the fence as to whether his idea of practicing his ‘DIY hobby’ would really lift off. We created a brand package that was tailored to suit his budget and within weeks he was set to share his craftsmanship skills with the world!


AB Plumbing & Heating | Brand Identity

Here a reputable, trustworthy and well-known local firm reached out to us to refresh their brand entirely with a new logo. We worked with Alex to re-create a logo that he had seen elsewhere and adapted the look and feel of his brand entirely. 


Marc Samuel | Brand Creation

As an experienced tradesman, Sam put his expertise into the creation of Marc Samuel,  a business that creates high-end, classy and luxury lifestyle spaces. It was vital that this brand emitted that exact message and looked and felt on point with their level of service. The successful launch of this business was due to the power of social media and heavily promoting the stunning visuals of the incredible builds that they create.


Frippery | Social Media Support

Lock-down forced many businesses to close, to reinvent themselves and to rethink their tact. This established business took it’s shop online and we provided guidance and support on how to advertise their online services. We build a social strategy around remaining topical and genuine through those unprecedented times whilst keeping their brand in the forefront of their customers minds. 


All Things Sweet | Social Media Support

During lock-down the desire for easily accessible, luxury and delicious treats was a necessity for some! This business saw great success in providing baked goods to their local area and the requests were coming in thick and fast. We created menus, social icons and sharpened their look and feel to adjust their existing brand to a more established, professional and consistent one. 

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