Imagine you are playing a game of darts right now… You’re expertly posed, eyeing up the best way to defy all odds and you’re checking out the target. Now I want you to imagine this concept in terms of your business, posing yourself in the perfect position for your future customers, encouraging them to know more about your products and services (being targeted perfectly as your next sale…)


This is where the branding of your business will effectively enable you to target your audience accurately because otherwise it is like stabbing in the dark… Much the same as if you threw that dart at the board blindfolded.

How will you work out who your target audience is?

Way back when you started out, you would have had a business plan. Without perhaps even defining it as a business plan, you’d have had a basic principle of what it was that you were going to do, who it was intended for, how you would sell it and why this would be a decision you’d want to invest your time into. So, let’s strip it back… Who did you define as that person(s)? What does that group of people look like to you? How will they be able to deny your service and/or product?

If you are yet to actually put a pen to paper, I can guarantee you have already thought about it an around-about way. After all, “a goal without a plan is just a dream” and this statement rings true in this instance. Your business goals will be unachievable without defining who your business will benefit.

Who are these people? What do they do? Where do they live? When will they want to engage with your service? Why will this product or service be of a huge benefit to their lives? How will you reach them? The list is endless but by thinking about this simple ‘Who, What, Where, When, Why and How’ concept, you can start to divulge into the crux of who your target audience is. Some may call this stereotyping, in this case, we call this audience profiling.

Audience profiling and how it will benefit you.

You know your products and your services inside and out. You know how great they are. You know the reason you set this business up is because you see great benefit to what you are offering. YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE DON’T. So, by defining who these people are, you can start to tailor the ways in which you speak to these people. Here is an example:

Meet Lisa, Lisa is a midwife, she’s an experienced midwife with a great idea to take her skills into a private and 1-1 service for people who want more during their pregnancy. She loves working for the trust, but she also knows that she wants to offer more and she feels passionate in giving soon-to-be parents this experience.

There we have it, an idea…Hallelujah! A great idea at that. So, the questions we’d be brainstorming with Lisa would be something along these lines:

Who will be able to afford this service?

What will you do that is different to what the NHS can offer already?

Where will you be able to find these people? Where will people be asked to meet you for your services?

When will they be able to sign up to your services? Is it restricted to a certain stage in their pregnancy?

Why will this service be of use? Why should people invest in this? Why will this only interest a certain demographic of people?

How will people sign up? How will the value of your service be measured? How will you work with these people? How will you find them?

Once some of these questions are defined, we would usually encourage our clients to take part in creating an actual audience profile. An audience profile literally means drawing up a picture of what you see in your future client. This is the art of talking directly to your ideal customer because you can literally speak to them in a way that will speak to someone (whoever and wherever they may be) if you can tailor your content in this way you will find them.

Lisa’s ideal customer, Janet :

-Janet and her partner are affluent

-Interested in a holistic approach to birthing

-Would like to hypnobirth

-Work long hours and so they need this to be a personalised, bespoke and accommodating service

-Would like to invest in this service

-….. the list could go on and on and on!

Once the target audience is clearly defined you can begin to piece together how you want your brand to appear to reach these people directly. Want our input? Drop us a message for a complimentary consultation call where we will offer our expertise and creative minds to you.